Dec 29, 2019

Open source applications for Android

I recently dropped my old phone in the toilet, because I'm clumpsy and have soaphands. This wasn't all bad though, since this meant I could do something I've wanted to do for a while; get a Fairphone 3.

It's a great phone, built to be repaired, and to get the people making it a living wage. There's no FOSS operating systems avalaible for it yet though. Fortunately, you can use the phone without logging in to a Google-account. So my phone is still tracking me, but Google doesn't know that it's me.

I have replaced all applications but the dialer, E-ID, and my banking app with open source alternatives. Below is a list of some of the applications that I have installed on my device and what functionality they are providing on my phone.

AntennapodAmazing podcast app, even better than PodcastAddict which was my old goto
AuroraLets me install stuff from the Google-store without an account, like my banking app
Davx5Lets me sync my contacts to my Nextcloud with CardAV instead of to Google
EaserAutomation, kind of like tasker
F-DroidRepository of open source applications, this is what is making all this possible
Fennec-FdroidUn-mozilla-branded version of Mozilla Firefox
FrostUnfortunately I can not ditch Facebook entirely, Frost is an interface for Facebook.
K9-MailMy favourite android e-mail client
Osmand+Replaces Google Maps
NextcloudTo sync and upload stuff to my own Nextcloud-server
OpenCameraReplaces the stock camera
OpenKeychainHandles my GPG-keys
OpenLauncherFast and quick launcher
PasswordstoreInterface for pass
SkytubeA Youtube-interface
RedditSlideReally neat Reddit-reader