1. What's my IP again?

    Quite often in my life I need to know what my ip is, very often when I need to know this I'm at a terminal.

    My old go-to-site for checking my IP has always been https://minip.no, simply because it's short to type, even though I'm not even norwegian …

  2. Open source applications for Android

    I recently dropped my old phone in the toilet, because I'm clumpsy and have soaphands. This wasn't all bad though, since this meant I could do something I've wanted to do for a while; get a Fairphone 3.

    It's a great phone, built to be repaired, and to get the …

  3. Minifying static HTML and CSS with sed

    This site runs on Pelican, a static site generator. That means the site is already very small, but why stop there? If something's worth doing it's worth overdoing. Using sed has the advantage of not having to install anything, because it's already available on all sane operating systems.

    Minifying CSS …

  4. Themeing

    The base theme used on this website is made by Nevan Scott. I am using his theme as a base for my own theme.

    So far I have only made two modification to Nevans lovely, minimal theme. I got rid of the Google Analytics include via the templates. It was …

  5. Hello!

    This is the first post on my new site, using pelican. Won't import the old blog, it was just full of boring crap anyway.