I really care about your privacy

Since this is the Internet and no one really cares about privacy anymore, I prefer to go against the grain and have a website which doesn't leak all your data. This website will never set any cookies, use tracking pixels or run any JavaScript. It enforces SSL/TLS and all pages and have the no-referrer meta-tag set, which prevents your browser from sending any referrers.


The webserver will do normal logging and store your IP-address, User-Agent and which page you requested. It will also log which page you came from, if your browser is sending that. The logs are used by me in order to see visitor counts, where my visitors come from and to block abusive bots from hammering the site. I will never share or sell this data and logs are automatically purged after 31 days.

With that said, the site is hosted inside a docker-container on a VM at Contabo, so they technically hold the data.