Two weeks ago I attended Stockholm Robot Championship at Tekniska Muséet. I participated with two robots; my minisumo Perfected Titan and a linefollower named squarewave which I didn't get to work properly in time. The results weren't that bad... Perfected Titan finished on 8th place out of 16 participants but he has played out his role now. He's been at two competitions so far and have only finished sort of half both times, it's time for a new build. The results from the competitions are here if anyone is interested. I filmed the minisumo-deathmatch of the competition, so here it is;

A programming adapter for AVRs

I've just placed an order at [SeeedStudio][sed] for some PCBs that I've designed in [KiCAD][kic].It's a very simple circuit consisting of...… Continue reading

Sppd: SvtPlay Python Downloader

Published on January 13, 2016