I work in an office enviroment. This means that sometimes I need to write documents and presentations to keep the salespeople and bosses happy(sometimes my colleagues too, not everyone enjoys a presentation that is just an xterm -fn 10x20). I tried several projects including Reveal.js which I had previously used for my presentations held at Birdie 23; 8-bit AVRs and 3D-printing.

I realised that I really don't like writing HTML; it feels clunky. So I went on a quest to find the perfect tool for making perdy presentations for terminal junkies and I found Cleaver.

It's a marvelous tool and is very easy to get started with. All I have to do is write my presentation in markdown and then open it in a browser and control it with my keyboard. There's even themes! The themes are supereasy to use also, in the header part of the presentation, just add

theme: jdan/cleaver-retro

The URL points directly to a github url, which is quite convenient.

What are you waiting for? Go write a presentation with Cleaver!

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