Photography tour with dad

February 08, 2015

During the weekend I visited my dad. We went on a nice and relaxing walk and I brought my camera in case I saw something that caught my eye. I managed to snap one of those fancy "old factory electrical"-stuff photos of one of the larger of the 12 brickworks which used to be operational in the muncipiality.

Something that I've been doing the last few days is setting my camera to RAW only, this means I have to go through the photos and do postprocessing before I can do anything with them.

Speaking of photography; A fun, photo-related thing that I've just backed on Kickstarter is Lightbox Photography Cards. This is a really fun idea, I can barely contain my excitement. I, as many other hobby photographers, doesn't photograph as much as I would like. There aren't many times that I photograph for photographys own sake, but I am going to try and change that and I think that these photography cards can help with that.

A programming adapter for AVRs

I've just placed an order at [SeeedStudio][sed] for some PCBs that I've designed in [KiCAD][kic].It's a very simple circuit consisting of...… Continue reading

Sppd: SvtPlay Python Downloader

Published on January 13, 2016