So, I just did a search on the Arch Linux Forums on luakit css, since I have never been able to get custom css-stylesheets for sites working. Found a post stating that if I put "file://" in fron of the luakit.data_dir variable it should work. I'm very eager to getting home and trying it out, since this is something I've really missed since I switched to Luakit from Uzbl.

So, a small summary of the project.
It all started in late december of 2010, I decided to get an Arduino, build a robot and enter the Swedish championship in robotics.
Then I spent most part of January gathering parts and trying out configurations. Spent february building it, it was finished hardware-wise around the middle of february.
I then started working on the code. Everything went according to plan, then I somehow bricked my Atmega328. I tried resurrecting with a homemade ISCP-cable, but to no avail.
Now I'm waiting for a pre-bootloaded Atmega328 from Lawicel. As soon as it gets here I have to get coding like mad, the only parts I'm done with are the object avoidance code and the linefollowing(which does PD-control very nicely). Labyrinth code is priority number one, since I can use parts of that in combination with the object avoidance code to build the base for the can collecting part.

Well, that was easy. Now it's just the importing of the old posts left.

So, I've mounted the arm for holding the cans and did a small piece of testcode.
As you can see I didn't go with the "grabbing" approach I first thought of, it took too much space and was hard to get right, so I just thought; "No need to make things complicated" and just kept it KISS.

Hmm, seems like the theme called nb_rusted might be a good starting point, I really like this design, nice and clean.

I've decided to switch blog engine(and somehow import the other posts). Vee is nice but it lacks in some stuff. It's probably some work involved though, don't really want to move away from my current theme, since I worked so hard on it.