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I've noticed that I don't write very often. Most of the time it's because I don't feel I have any interesting updates on any "projects" that I can share. So now I'm going to try and stop writing shareworthy posts and just write for my own sake. That's why one should write, not in case someone else wants to read it. I am no writer though, I'm a technician.

I will do my best to make at least 2 posts per month about something. Be it cooking, photograpgy, electronics, linux or programming or just one of those "sorry-that-I-dont-have-anything-to-write-posts".

With my blog set up as it is now, making a post is very effortless. All I do is use my rake-file to make a new post and start writing. There seems to be some bug/misconfiguration though. It doesn't name the file with a fileextension. I just had a look at my 'config.yml' and I had spelled extension as extentsion...