A programming adapter for AVRs

February 14, 2016

I've just placed an order at SeeedStudio for some PCBs that I've designed in KiCAD. It's a very simple circuit consisting of an LM7805CT voltage regulator, capacitors for said regulator, a mount for a crystal, mount for load-capacitors and three sockets for the different kind of ┬ÁCUs that I use. It's so that I don't have to fiddle with jumper-cables every time I do some experiments on a breadboard.

The ┬ÁCUs that it can handle are as follows:

  • ATTiny 25/45/85
  • ATTiny 2313/4313
  • ATMega 48/88/168/328

2d A cool 3D-view of the board 3d

All the files can be found at my GitHub.

Feel free to use the board yourself, just remember to distribute your changes!

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