Perfected Titans PCB

February 18, 2013

The PCB of version 2 of Perfect Titan is finished, the new robot is named Perfected Titan, since I fixed some placement issues on the PCB this time over. I also added a protection diode and "proper" connectors for LEDs. I have one pin left actually, didn't end up using three Sharp-sensors as I had originally planned, don't know where to put the third one to be honest. I'm considering putting 10 cm sensor in the back for it, haven't decided yet. Here's the schematic:


Click for a larger version

And the pcb layout PCB

Click for a larger version

The chassi is almost finished, there will be some build log pictures up later. I've started doing some small work on the code and realised I need a finite state machine. All computer programs is in some way a finite state machine, but using it as a design from the start is very well suited for robotics. I looked around quite a bit for something to draw the state machine up in. The best alternative I found was Qfsm. I encourage you to try it out, a really nice piece of software. Aur-package will be avaliable, later.

A programming adapter for AVRs

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Sppd: SvtPlay Python Downloader

Published on January 13, 2016