Code, robots and stuff

I've just found out that Stockholm Robot will hold a competition on the 3rd of December. I plan to participate.
I've started working on a simple line follower with PD-control. Images will be uploaded later.

The base is an old CD-ROM-drive-tray(long word:), the cpu is an Arduino Mega2560, since that happens to be free at the moment. It's driven by the same twin Tamiya gearbox that drove K.L.A.S, but with the gearing set a bit higher, so I can get more speed out of it. It uses three Pololu QTR-1RC digital reflectance sensors mounted on a piece of stripboard for the line sensing.
I've started working on the code and have a working example. Things left to do is to build a ball caster or find something that works as one, since now the sensors are sitting a tad low(straight on the floor).