Code, robots and stuff

So I've decided to learn Python3 properly for various reasons. I have written a few applications in Python2 before, an LCDproc client to be specific. It simply took the output from MPD(my music player of choice) and displayed it on the 16x2 LCD-display I had connected to my machine at the time, that display now sits in my homerouter displaying netload, CPU and other stuff.
Anyways... I'm reading Dive in to Python3, and boy does it rawk my sox0rs off. This is just how a tutorial should be, concrete examples, good and clear explanations and such. The plan is to plow through this "tutorial" and then get that ircbot me and my friend, Niklasswe have started to work on, up and running. The bot already has some simple code actually.

import sys

import socket

import string

# These should all be set via a config file later

HOST='' # The server that we want to connect to.

PORT=6667 # The port we on $HOST we would like to connect to.

NICK='Ulugbot' # The bots nick.


REALNAME='Botty McBot'

OWNER='dunz0r' # The bot owners nick.

CHANNELINIT='#ulug' # The default channel for the bot

readbuffer='' # This is where we will store all the messages from the server.

# Create the socket.

s=socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)

# Connect to the server.

s.connect((HOST, PORT))

#Send the nick to server.

# code goes here

# Identify to the server.

# code goes here

Quite simple code as you can see. As soon as I finish the tutorial I'll add code for taking over the world and what not to the bot.