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We did some etching on monday!
Jesse had tried it a bit on his own(he'd only used the toner transfer method earlier).
We came to the conclusion that per one litre of water, 10 milliliter of NaOH is needed. Developing then takes about ten seconds. Here is Jesse developing the board.
After that you have to rinse the board to make sure it's clean before you put it in the etching tank. We made a clever, ghetto-style board holder out of a pants hanger(not sure about the correct word here) and some tape.
When you are doing this inside it is very important that you make sure you have good ventilation, the fumes coming from the etching solvant could be harmful, or as it says on swedish aerosol cans and the likes; "Sörj för god ventilation!" which if you translate it word for word(which you shouldn't, since the sentence makes no sense if you do) means "Mourn for good ventilation".

Etching in progress. And a finished board.
If I can do it, anyone can. Start etching you people!