Code, robots and stuff

So, a small summary of the project.
It all started in late december of 2010, I decided to get an Arduino, build a robot and enter the Swedish championship in robotics.
Then I spent most part of January gathering parts and trying out configurations. Spent february building it, it was finished hardware-wise around the middle of february.
I then started working on the code. Everything went according to plan, then I somehow bricked my Atmega328. I tried resurrecting with a homemade ISCP-cable, but to no avail.
Now I'm waiting for a pre-bootloaded Atmega328 from Lawicel. As soon as it gets here I have to get coding like mad, the only parts I'm done with are the object avoidance code and the linefollowing(which does PD-control very nicely). Labyrinth code is priority number one, since I can use parts of that in combination with the object avoidance code to build the base for the can collecting part.