I'd thought I'd share a list of the tools that I use in my day to day business.

  • Sipcalc is an IP-address/network mask calculator, I should probably know this by hand, but sometimes it's hard to remember if a /28-mask is a 248 or 252 netmask.
  • Tmux is the best terminal multiplexer I have ever used, I spend most of my working day in either tmux or my browser
  • Curl is a library and command-line client for transferring data over a number of protocols, I mostly use it for testing JSON-responses though.
  • Vim shouldn't need an introduction.
  • Midnight Commander is a norton commander like filemanager with a two pane view, it's got both FTP and SSH-support, great for moving files without a coherent naming pattern back and forth.
  • MPD/NCMPCPP is what I use to listen to music with. I stream MPDs audio via a websocket from my home server to my job so I've got access to all my music all the time.

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Sppd: SvtPlay Python Downloader

Published on January 13, 2016