Testing new waters

March 24, 2014

I'm redoing my whole blog-thing(again) because logging in to the server, firing up vim and writing HTML is too much of a hassle. Jekyll seems cool and I don't know ruby, so why not? This is the post-receive-hook I'm using

#!/usr/bin/env bash

    git clone $GIT_REPO $TMP_GIT_CLONE
    jekyll build --source $TMP_GIT_CLONE --destination $TMP_WWW
    cp -r $TMP_WWW $PUBLIC_WWW
    rm -Rf $TMP_WWW
    rm -Rf $TMP_GIT_CLONE

At first it didn't work and I couldn't figure out why... this is like the easiest script in the world, right? Spelling is not my thing today, although I'm usually quite good at it. post-recieve != post-receive(I even misspelled it when I wrote it just now).

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